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 Mary  Beckerman

Chef Mary B

Chef Mary Beckerman is president of Lovin GoodiesTM and Marbec Ltd.

Mary’s passions for delicious cuisine, superior nutrition, and fitness have always inspired others to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Her culinary specialty is raw food, which she uses to cultivate healthy minds, bodies, and spirits via demonstration workshops, catering, training, and consultations. Chef Mary B also advises individuals on how to set up a raw food kitchen and how to select whole, unprocessed, organic foods. And to satisfy everybody’s desire for decadence, Chef Mary B will soon bring to market her line of desserts under the name of Lovin Goodies - Desserts.

As a teenager, Chef Mary B put her early love for fresh, wholesome food to work when she catered to rock stars such as David Bowie, Kiss, and Aerosmith. Mary has worked with several of Michigan’s top chefs, including Jimmy Schmidt and Duglass Duglass; managed a five-star restaurant; received extensive food service training at Hyatt Corporation; and sold health care solutions for a leading technology corporation.

Drawing on her diverse experiences in the food and health industries, Chef Mary B is the Director of Corporate Wellness at Trillacorpe, an international government contractor. She is also the Director of Corporate Wellness and a member of the Board of Advisors for the annual Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ—a cutting-edge forum which served more than 12,000 raw meals in one weekend—Chef Mary B has access to more than 100 of the top leaders in the wellness field.

A vegetarian for most of her life, Chef Mary B’s passion for culinary discovery led her to raw foods that both taste great and support good health. “I don’t care how old you are—everybody wants energy and vibrancy,” says Chef Mary B. “Everybody wants to feel good, and if they’re not getting that from their current diet, I’m going to tell them it’s time for a change!”

Active in the community, Mary sits on the “Healthy U” steering committee program at the Jewish Community Center, where she is developing programs in partnership with health organizations such as Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Abbott Labs, and Weight Watchers.

Chef Mary B is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California. A native of Michigan, she attended Wayne State University.

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