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 Happy  Oasis

Happy Oasis is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Raw Spirit Festival, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, FEIN20-5877312.

Gratitude to you for co-creating this dream of a healthier humanity and home planet, an opportunity to live at least one weekend annually in heaven on Earth as an example of what is possible for us all every day of every year!

Founder of Arizona's coziest and most spectacular raw retreat, www.happyoasis.com, Happy  is powered by her dreams, which have led her to explore, serve and abide in dozens of countries ever since accepting a scholarship to study for a year at Hobart College of Tasmania  at 16.

Slowly backpacking and entrepreneuring her way around the Earth for more than a decade, Happy abided with numerous now-deceased tribes who adopted her into their families as she sought wisdom as an adventure anthropologist, guiding hikers through the Himalayas, Thailand, Australia, Alaska, India, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and beyond. See:  http://www.WildVegetarianAdventures.com  The Happy Oasis has now become Raw Spirit Festival Headquarters, which currently provides long-term housing for Raw Spirit staff only. Raw vegan health consultant and meditation guide in the Orient, Happy also taught intuitive wild edible plants classes  called “"Let’s Get Wild!"” in more than a dozen ecosystems around the planet.
Author of the world’s only wild raw vegan international travelers' adventure poetry book, Uncivilized Ecstasies, a New Zealand best-seller, and Bliss Conscious Communication, an interactive conversational bliss book, Happy Oasis has been a lifelong, gentle-but-persistent, cross-cultural environmental, peace, and social activist. Happy is an occasional orator and poet at symposiums, festivals, temples, retreats, churches, tv shows, radio shows, environmentally-educative cruise ships, colleges, universities and schools around the world, most recently at Shalomars' Raw Festival in Mt. Shasta (July 2007), Cherie Soria's Living Light Festival (August 2007) and David Wolfe's The Best Weekend Ever (September 2007). These days Happy most loves to offer others the stage in enthusiastic support of the many astute speakers, authors, chefs and entertainers who inspire us.

Founder of the Inspiring Times News, Happy's articles and poetry have featured in many magazines including Get Fresh! (England),  In Touch (New Zealand), Four Corners (Sedona, Arizona) and Living Nutrition (California) as well as numerous newspapers.

For the past 12 years, during Arizona's 6-month summer season Happy thrived as a hermit on forgotten, pine-clad, waterfall mountaintops in remote forest fire lookout towers. Happy relinquished this quiet joy in 2007 to expand the Raw Spirit Festival to serve thousands.

Raw Spirit Festival aims to inspire us to add a greater percentage of organic vegetables and fruits into our sacred bodies' dietary regimes. As the name implies, Raw Spirit is greater than what goes into our mouths. Without peace, health is greatly challenged. Without a wholesome environment, health is virtually impossible. Thus, the festival advocates both as facets of the comprehensive eco-peace, healthy-living, spirit-smiling solution.


The festival is a community celebration. All suggestions are appreciated, listened to, and implemented whenever possible. Happy invites you to join us in co-creating this vision: The Raw Spirit Festival will be 'The Grandest Organic Raw Vegetarian, Educational, Inspirational, Eco-Peace Celebration on the Earth!" for decades to come!

Raw vegan for 12 years, Happy is at your service, behind the scenes, welcoming you to this weekend of fun, discovery and transformation.

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