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We invite you to click on the Press Releases below and follow the voyage of articles to see what the Raw Spirit Movement is all about.This festival may be once a year, but the Raw Spirit is year round. So keep checking back. If you are inspired print out the press releases and articles and pass them around.  Spread the word when something resonates with you. Many Blessings to you and yours.We Celebrate Life! Bliss Forth

Press Releases:

 Focusing on Music & Entertainment:

Focusing on Health and Wellness:

Sedona Chamber of Commerce Press Releases:

  1. Blash32-07
  2. Bflash25-07
  3.  Sedona Home & Gardens By Andrea:

RSF Newsletters:


  1. Accoding to Meetup, there are 9,410 Raw Foodists in 108 Groups from 90 cities...and 4,211 more waiting to hear when a new Rawfood Meetup starts. We now have our own, Raw Spirit Fest, meet up, ,come join us!
  2. International Luxury Raw Resorts
  3. Readitnews

Radio and TV Shows:



  1. BBS Radio


              Hawaii's BBS Weekly Radio Show. Tune in each Sunday at these hours:
12 midnight EST time
9 pm PST
6 pm Big Island


  1. Mission Possible
  2. Tribeca
  3. Raw Vegan Radio
  4. Sedona Talk Radio
  6. Women's Radio
  7. Cathy Silvers  
 1PM September 21

    1PM Friday September 7



  1.  The Debbie Merrill TV Show in Santa Monica, February, 2007
  2. AZTV


  1. Raw Food Right Now
  2. Remy Chevalier

Web TV:

Magazine Advertisers 

  1. Ode (7/07)
  2. Voices Of Choices (7/07)
  3. Natural Awakenings (6/07)
  4. Common Ground (9/07)
  5. Veg News Mag


  • Website Advertising:
  1. Success Ultra Now
  2. Kristens Raw
  • WebMags:
  1. Vegan News
  2. Prescott Az News




Because so many presenters have been magnetized to speak at The Raw Spirit Festival, we created a second flier to accommodate them all!


Notice that all the presenters differ except for those on the top line.  You can click on the flier to print more.

Videos, Dvd's and Mp3's:

Movie Request (Filmed by Al Gore's Current Tv)