Extraordinary Social Opportunities

The Raw Spirit Festival is delighted to be offering these fun, playful, and helpful opportunities to grow, learn, share and meet people at the festival!


Conscious Lifestyle Coaching

Chris Whitcoe of IntelligentCoach.com is coordinating our free Festival Coaching Booth. Participants may sign up for a free 1/2 hour session on this website. Conscious Lifestyle Coaches may sign up here to donate a few hours at the booth! more info...


Conscious Speed Dating

Chris Whitcoe of IntelligentCoach.com is hosting an outrageously fun opportunity for singles to meet like minded people who are also wanting to co-create the most loving new paradigm romantic relationships. more info....


Cuddle Party

Cuddle Party is coming to Raw Spirit Festival! Check out their website by clicking above to find out  more!


Thanks Chris! Thanks Ivri! Thanks Cuddle Party! And a special thanks to Sharon Greenspan for assisting with the initial ideas and coordination of Conscious Speed Dating!