Testimonials 2007

"That was seriously and without a doubt, outside of the birth of my four children and the marriage to my beautiful loving husband, THE MOST SENSATIONAL AMAZING EXCEPTIONAL AND FANTASTIC UNREAL experience I have ever had! Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for including me...I will continue to speak about the most AMAZING unreal event EVER! As David Wolfe would say that was undoubtedly THE BEST EVENT EVER!!! My assistant Danielle and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every waking moment of every second of it!!! Peace, love and Raw Living forever.....I thank you. I thank Raya for helping me with my flight, I thank Eddie for helping me load and unload my booth, I thank the amazing bongo players for playing bongos all night long as I love the bongos and I danced every waking moment that I could there at the Festival......I will love my whole year now knowing next year awaits all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

--Cathy Silvers

“Magic happened when Scott Huckaby came on stage.....Wow....the dancing was amazing. Needless to say, grounding in the sunset meditation that evening was so deep, so empty, so luminous as we tuned into our true natures of luminous clear blue sky minds and amplified heart fields. Wow! Jasmuheen was so grounded, so articulate, so radiating of health and vitality. Thanks and praises.”

--Liz Faller

"Dear Happy, It was a pleasure meeting you. I have posted my recap to my blog, and the two major interviews, with Jasmuheen and David Wolfe, are the content of my radio show this week. Blog Thought for Food


Radio Show Talk for Food


Warm regards"             --Adam Abraham

 “I want to thank you for the amazing time at the festival recently. I had a profound experience with all the lectures and learning about the foods, etc. I can't wait to come back next year and I am planning to bring a large group of people with me, maybe 35 or more from Oregon.”     --Sentient Star

"I know how much effort goes on behind the scenes to coordinate such a massive event, and I appreciate every ounce that was put in by the dedicated and loving souls that pulled the festival together. I remain in awe. THANK YOU. I was also blessed, whilst waiting to have copies of Amazing Grace signed, to witness how patient and present David Wolfe is within his interactions with people and their yearning for knowledge. I was a fan before, but now I am A FAN. Nick Good also touched me with his generosity, presence and energy. Oh, and the food of the festival was AMAZING, every bite."                              --Michelle Purnel


"Hi Happy, Congrats on the Wonder Filled Raw Spirit Fest. Everyone I talked to said it was so inspiring! Thanks, you're doing it for all of us!"         --Diana Owens

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"The festival was awesome. I loved all the beautiful connections I made with people. The music was great. The talks were interesting. Jasmuheen's Monday workshop was really inspiring."

--Jeff Allen

"I thought the conference was awesome with so many wonderful booths."                          --Feather Jones

"It was such a beautiful experience and you and your team did such a fantastic job of organizing it."

--Linda Zechowy

"It was very inspiring. In Deep Gratitude"


"I will definitely be there next year, I loved the festival, thanks! Hope to see you soon. "--Matthew Turner


“If it weren’t for the Raw Spirit Fest, I’d still be microwaving my frozen dinners before writing letter to my senator over a cup of coffee. Thanks to all who contributed to the event for the positively cellular transformation!”


--Jaye Beldo

"Just wanted to thank YOU for providing a space where we could all come together as family and community. I learned so much over the 2 weeks in Sedona and made life long friendships. That's what it's all about, right? Every hour I put in was so worth it to me."                                   --Frank 

"Thank you so much for helping me with the accommodations. Everything was perfect! It was a very successful event. I enjoyed every minute of it!"            --Mike Adams

"Raw food is exploding in popularity among the health-conscious. Well done Happy. I knew you could do it!"


"I thank all of you for your hospitality, love, and affection."


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"Wow, what a country - I don't think I've ever seen such a mix of beauty in such a way before. Sedona is rich in energy as the vortexes here are so profound. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the richness of creativity truly outstanding. Art galleries abound with the most powerful work plus shops overflow with diverse textiles, jewelry and more. The Raw Spirit Festival is filled with the healthiest looking faces with glowing skin, clear eyes and big grinned people from all backgrounds and ages who mill about the various stalls or take food together on the grass as they listen to a huge line up of enthusiastic speakers. While many have come here to celebrate their life as raw foodists, others have been on the path for so long they are now ready for something new. "


"The people at the Raw Spirit Fest aren't just 'health-conscious beings; they're artistic, poetic, deep, spiritual, open, and loving.  It's much more than just an 'eat raw' campaign.  When I told them that I'm struggling with the transition, they welcomed me with open arms and didn't pass judgments, and gave me advice, and told me to take my time.  They were very receptive to my poetry and showed me more love than I've ever felt.  I've performed in front of 15,000 people once, and this performance meant more to me than that, because of the energy and love that was in the room.  I will be attending for the rest of my life."

--Apollo Poetry

"You did a great job with food AND parking. I met some people in line for meals who I'm still in touch with – we never would have met otherwise. Who needs to be in a hurry in Sedona in the SunShine :)"                      --Suki Zoe   

"I have learned the true meaning of community and found a sense of peace about life that will be with me forever.  From the magical presenters to the amazing participants and the awesome volunteers I found an interaction that is unprecedented. The vibration that flowed throughout the festival was so filled with love and harmony one could drink it and many did! It was an honor to share space with every one of you and I look forward to doing it again and again. Thank you."

--Eddie Ladd

“I enjoyed the experience of being at the Raw Food Festival very much; I found the people to be lovely, adventurous and open and I found Sedona to be a very inspirational place to be, indeed!”

--Kathy Zavada

“Happy, 2007 Raw Food Fest was my first and not my last. It was the most amazing 3 days. Maybe we can even make it longer as the years go on. Those 3 days lasted for 2 weeks emotionally and mentally on a high of sorts. The food at the festival was divine, the speakers were so inspirational and the music was wonderful. I really enjoyed Kathy Zavada, wow, I play her music every day and use it with a meditation class I do daily. The workshops were wonderful too. Sedona was a beautiful location; the peace was beyond human understanding. The people I met from all over the world were amazing, we all had one thing in common-love, and oneness and the stories are still with me. Happy New Year 2008 and beyond....”                  --Sat Nam


“I really enjoyed spending the day at your home and with such great company.  So much so, a couple of days ago I purchased my first juicer and today checked out several books on raw food from the library.  The things that make a difference in my life I enjoy sharing with the students.  I greatly look forward to visiting you in the spring. Always Love,”

--Faith Bencomo

“Hello Happy, I am most grateful for all the work you have put into making Raw Spirit such a success!  I’m happy to contribute in any way I am able.   Looking forward to next year.” 



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 More to come...stay tuned!


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